Intellectual Property Policy

HABITAT Intellectual Property Policy

Purpose :

HABITAT recognizes the importance of intellectual property rights in research and publication. This Intellectual Property Policy outlines the principles and guidelines regarding the protection and use of intellectual property in published articles.

Policy :

Copyright Ownership : a. The authors retain the copyright of their original work published. b. HABITAT acts as the first publisher of the article and holds the non-exclusive right to publish and distribute the work.

Plagiarism and Unauthorized Use : a. Authors should ensure that their submitted work is original and does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others. b. Plagiarism, including the use of someone else's work without appropriate acknowledgment, is strictly prohibited. c. Unauthorized use of copyrighted materials within the published articles, such as images, figures, or tables, is not permitted without obtaining the necessary permissions.

Attribution and Citation : a. Authors should accurately cite and acknowledge the works of others that have been used in their research. b. Proper attribution should be given to all sources and references used in the article.

Licensing and Open Access : a. HABITAT may publish articles under open access licenses, allowing broader dissemination and use of the work, while maintaining the authors' copyright ownership. b. Authors should agree to the terms of the chosen license and understand its implications for the use and distribution of their work.

Intellectual Property Disputes : a. HABITAT will address any intellectual property disputes or concerns promptly and in accordance with the COPE guidelines. b. In case of intellectual property disputes, HABITAT may request necessary evidence and documentation from all parties involved to resolve the issue.

Note : Authors are responsible for ensuring that their research and manuscript comply with intellectual property laws and regulations. Any concerns or disputes related to intellectual property should be reported to the HABITAT editorial office for appropriate action.

Please consult the HABITAT Intellectual Property Policy for detailed guidance and compliance with intellectual property standards.