Data Sharing and Reproducibility Policy

HABITAT recognizes the significance of data sharing and reproducibility in research and publication. This Data Sharing and Reproducibility Policy aims to establish guidelines for authors, reviewers, and editors to promote transparency, integrity, and the advancement of knowledge in the field of agricultural socio econmics.

Policy :

Data Availability : a. Authors are encouraged to share the research data underlying their published articles, whenever possible and in accordance with ethical and legal considerations. b. Authors should provide comprehensive descriptions of the data, including details about its collection, processing, and analysis methods. c. The data should be appropriately documented and organized to facilitate its understanding and reproducibility by other researchers.

Data Accessibility : a. Authors should provide information on how and where the research data can be accessed, such as data repositories, institutional databases, or supplementary materials accompanying the article. b. Access to the data should be provided in a timely manner and with minimal restrictions, allowing other researchers to validate the findings and build upon them.

Reproducibility and Methodology : a. Authors should provide sufficient details about the methodologies, algorithms, and software used in their research to enable reproducibility. b. Clear descriptions of experimental setups, parameters, and statistical analyses should be provided to facilitate replication or further investigations.

Reviewers and Editors' Responsibilities : a. Reviewers and editors should evaluate the availability and quality of the research data during the peer review process. b. Reviewers may request additional data or clarification from the authors to ensure the reproducibility and robustness of the findings. c. Editors should verify that the data sharing and reproducibility requirements are met before accepting the article for publication.

Data Citation : a. Authors should appropriately cite the datasets used in their research and provide accurate references to the original sources. b. Persistent identifiers, such as Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), should be utilized whenever available to ensure the long-term accessibility and citability of the datasets.

Implementation and Compliance : HABITAT encourages authors to include a Data Availability Statement in their published articles, specifying the location and accessibility of the research data. The journal supports the use of standardized data sharing platforms and repositories to enhance data discovery and reuse.

For detailed instructions and recommendations on data sharing and reproducibility practices, authors are advised to consult the HABITAT Data Sharing and Reproducibility Policy.

Note : Adhering to this policy promotes transparency, collaboration, and the advancement of knowledge in the field of agricultural socio economics.