Complaints and Appeals Policy

HABITAT Complaints and Appeals Policy

Purpose : This policy is established to provide a fair and transparent process for handling complaints and appeals related to the publication process of HABITAT. The policy adheres to the standards set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and aims to ensure that all concerns raised by stakeholders are addressed promptly and appropriately.

Complaints : a. Submission of Complaints: Anyone with a legitimate and substantiated concern related to the publication process of HABITAT may submit a complaint. Complaints can be submitted by authors, reviewers, editors, readers, or other relevant stakeholders. b. Complaint Handling: HABITAT will establish a dedicated complaints handling mechanism to receive, assess, and address complaints. Complaints should be submitted in writing, providing sufficient details and supporting evidence. c. Confidentiality: The confidentiality of complainants will be respected, and their identities will be protected to the extent possible during the investigation and resolution process.

Appeals : a. Grounds for Appeals: Authors, reviewers, or other stakeholders who disagree with the editorial decision or have concerns about the handling of a manuscript may submit an appeal. Appeals should be based on valid and substantive grounds, such as procedural errors, bias, or significant factual inaccuracies. b. Appeal Procedure: HABITAT will establish a clear appeals procedure, outlining the steps and timeline for submitting an appeal and the subsequent handling and resolution process. c. Independent Review: Appeals will be reviewed by an independent and impartial body or committee, separate from the individuals involved in the initial decision-making process. The reviewers will assess the appeal based on the provided grounds and the available evidence. d. Decision and Communication: The decision on the appeal will be communicated promptly and transparently to the appellant. HABITAT will provide a clear explanation of the reasons for the decision.

Resolution and Remedies : a. Corrective Actions: If the complaint or appeal is found to be valid, HABITAT will take appropriate corrective actions. This may include, but is not limited to, issuing corrections, retractions, or clarifications, as well as improving editorial policies and practices. b. Communication: HABITAT will inform the complainant/appellant about the outcome of the investigation or review, along with any remedies implemented. If necessary, the resolution will also be communicated to the broader scientific community.

Records and Documentation : HABITAT will maintain comprehensive records and documentation of all complaints and appeals received, as well as the corresponding actions and outcomes. These records will be kept confidential and securely stored for reference and future improvements.

Adherence to this Complaints and Appeals Policy promotes transparency, accountability, and the continuous improvement of the publication process of HABITAT. It ensures that concerns and disputes are addressed fairly and efficiently, maintaining the integrity and trust in scholarly publishing in the field of agricultural socio economics.