Measuring E-Service Quality In Agriculture Company


  • Dian Retno Intan Universitas Brawijaya
  • Budi Setiawan Faculty of Agriculture, Brawijaya University
  • Agustina Shinta Faculty of Agriculture, Brawijaya University



e-service, quality, confirmatory factor analysis


Nowadays, E-Service Quality is known to be one of the keys that determines e-commerce success. Delivering quality in service becomes a very important strategy for marketers who try to offer different services in order to be able to compete with other companies. This study aimed to measure and evaluate the e-service quality of a agriculture company in Malang through three dimensions of e-service quality by Collier and Bienstock (2009), which were the dimensions of process, outcome and recovery. Data collection was carried out using an online survey, where the data collected was 41. Data were analyzed using confirmatory factor analysis. The results showed that the recovery dimension was the most influential dimension on consumer evaluation of e-service quality. This study gave recommendation to online shop managers to allocate more resources to the recovery dimension to improve consumer perceptions of e-service quality.


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